1 In which film did Elvis Presley play the role of a boxer?
Kid Galahad
2 On 29 March 1986, The Young Ones had a UK one hit wonder with which single?
"Living Doll"
Actors from The Young Ones TV series teamed up with Cliff Richard for a spoof version of his 1959 hit. It was the comedy team's only hit, but member Nigel Planer did have a solo hit in 1984 as character 'neil'.
3 What was the name of the biggest dance craze launced by Chubby Checker?
The Twist
4 Which 80's duo included Andrew Ridgeley?
5 Who was the only female singer managed by Brian Epstein?
Cilla Black
6 Who performed 'Love, Shine a Light,' the UK's 1997 Eurovision winner?
Katrina and the Waves
7 Which former Spice Girl was at school with Saffy, according to the plot of 'Ab Fab?'
Emma Bunton/Baby Spice
8 'The Ghost of Tom Joad' was a 1995 album release by which rock star?
Bruce Springsteen
9 Whitney Houston sang the soundtrack and starred in which 1992 film?
The Bodyguard
10 What was the name of Take That's first Top Ten single?