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Pub quiz question 4602 by pjh2
  1. Question: Q: Which ballet star, who was born on a train travelling across Siberia, defected to the West at Paris Airport in 1961?
  2. Answer: A: Rudolf Neuyev
  3. Categories: Art (7) 1960s (7) Entertainment (7)
Pub quiz question 819 by pjh2
  1. Question: Q: Name the country
  2. Image: i:
  3. Answer: A: Kiribati
  4. Notes: *: Set of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean
  5. Categories: Flags (9)
Pub quiz question 4275 by pjh2
  1. Question: Q: What now-common fairground ride was first erected at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair with an axle that was at the time the world's largest piece of forged steel?
  2. Answer: A: Ferris Wheel/Big Wheel
  3. Notes: *: The original was also known as the Chicago Wheel
  4. Categories: Leisure (3) History (3)
Pub quiz question 5948 by pjh2
  1. Question: Q: The film Breaking Glass starred which songstress?
  2. Answer: A: Hazel O'Connor
  3. Notes: *: 1980
  4. Categories: 1980s (7) Entertainment (7) Film/Movies (7)
Pub quiz question 6617 by pjh2
  1. Question: Q: Which former Olympic and World Skating Champion starred in the 1995 TV movie 'The Ice Princess?'
  2. Answer: A: Katarina Witt
  3. Categories: Olympics (7) Sports (7) Entertainment (7) Film/Movies (7) 1990s (7)
Pub quiz question 987 by pjh2
  1. Question: Q: Who, born Natalie Hershlag, is the actress who starred in "V for Vendetta"(2006) and "Black Swan"(2010)?
  2. Answer: A: Natalie Portman
  3. Categories: Pseudonyms (4) Film/Movies (4) 2000s (4) 2010s (4)
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Pub quiz question 4732 by pjh2
  1. Question: Q: How many pawns are on the board at the start of a game of chess?
  2. Answer: A: Sixteen
  3. Categories: Leisure (5)
Pub quiz question 4123 by pjh2
  1. Question: Q: Who led the Labour Party immediately before Tony Blair?
  2. Answer: A: John Smith
  3. Notes: *: Technically Margaret Beckett was Leader (May '94-Jul '94) after Smith's death until Blair's election as leader since there was automatic promotion in the party's constitution for the deputy leader in such circumstances.
  4. Categories: Politics (5) 1990s (5)
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Pub quiz question 4842 by pjh2
  1. Question: Q: What is the only dog rated above the Basset Hound for its sense of smell?
  2. Answer: A: Bloodhound
  3. Categories: Nature (5) Biology (5)
Pub quiz question 3762 by pjh2
  1. Question: Q: Which is further north, Liverpool or Leeds?
  2. Answer: A: Leeds
  3. Categories: Geography (2)