Football 278 questions.
Or 'soccer' if you're American
Food 259 questions.
Stuff you eat
People 240 questions.
Those, typically famous, individuals that have made their mark
Leisure 224 questions.
Pastimes to while away the hours
1960s 213 questions.
Flags 212 questions.
National (and company) flags
Art 201 questions.
Can Duchamp's Fountain really be considered a masterpiece of craftsmanship?
2010s 184 questions.
Religion 181 questions.
Mythology for those with more than a few followers.
Cartoons 150 questions.
Current Affairs 148 questions.
Names 142 questions.
What's it called again?
Olympics 121 questions.
Expensive junket held most leap years. Unless it's the winter one.
Military 119 questions.
Army, Navy and Airforce
1950s 115 questions.
Business 113 questions.
Commercial enterprises and their dealings
Advertising 102 questions.
"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, and the problem is I don’t know which half." – Lord Leverhulme
Logos 90 questions.
Graphical marks and emblems, commonly used by businesses or individuals, to promote instant recognition
Drink 89 questions.
Beverages that are normally consumed
Buildings 86 questions.
Iconic, or otherwise famous, structures for habitation and work.
Technology 80 questions.
Modern and ancient technology
Soaps 79 questions.
Soap Operas, not the bar in the bath
Space 79 questions.
The final frontier
1930s 75 questions.
Athletics 75 questions.