Newcastle, UK 15 questions.
County in the North East of England
Spelling Bee 15 questions.
MultiAnswer3 14 questions.
Questions with three answers
2020s 13 questions.
Horse Racing 12 questions.
Law 12 questions.
MultiAnswer4 12 questions.
Questions with four answers
Swimming 12 questions.
1600s 11 questions.
Bridges 11 questions.
Things to allow the man, fox, chicken, and a sack of corn puzzle to work.
Eurovision 11 questions.
X-Factor for the Euro area
France 11 questions.
The European country; home to stereotypical frogs and garlic
GI 11 questions.
General Ignorance
Cycling 10 questions.
Local History 10 questions.
Well known history particular to areas that inhabitants (should) know of/about
Statues 10 questions.
A carved or cast figure of a person or animal, especially one that is life-size or larger.
American Football 9 questions.
Or 'hand-egg' if you're British.
MultiAnswer8 9 questions.
Questions with eight answers
Riddles 9 questions.
Egypt 8 questions.
1700s 7 questions.
Drama 7 questions.
Television and films
Italy 7 questions.
Boot-shaped country to teh south of Europe
MultiAnswer7 7 questions.
Questions with seven answers
1500s 6 questions.