Entertainment 1511 questions.
What to do when you're bored
Geography 1175 questions.
Phobias 1139 questions.
Do you suffer from phobophobia?
Sports 1048 questions.
Leisure, when you watch other people doing it
Literature 814 questions.
Shakespeare via Christie to E. L. James
Music 623 questions.
From classical to contemporary
Politics 604 questions.
The theory and practice of ruling the proletariat, and those that do it
General Knowledge 600 questions.
Catch-all for questions that don't really fit into other subjects
Science 550 questions.
Science in general
Television 514 questions.
Stuff on the goggle-box
Language 510 questions.
Verbal, written and spoken communication
1990s 472 questions.
Biology 451 questions.
The science of biology
History 427 questions.
What's happened in the past
2000s 424 questions.
Film/Movies 411 questions.
Motion pictures
1980s 370 questions.
Nature 356 questions.
Science in practice, if we'd let it get on with it in peace
Harry Potter 348 questions.
Transport 306 questions.
Children 305 questions.
How to deal with the under 18s
Connections 303 questions.
Road signs 298 questions.
1970s 284 questions.
Royalty 279 questions.
The King is dead! Long live the King!