1 Which football league club did ex-cricketer Ian Botham play for?
Scunthorpe United
2 In the classic version of Trivial Pursuit, what subject is represented by the yellow wedges?
3 Which ice skating duo became the first joint winners of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award in 1984?
Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean
4 What now stands on the site of the former Windsor Safari Park?
Opened March 1996
5 What is the alternative name for a theme park 'switchback railway'?
Roller Coaster
6 What do you hoard if your collection inclues a Parker Duofold and a Waterman 42?
Fountain pen
7 What is Captain Matthew Webb acknowledged as being the first man to do?
Swim the Channel
8 What is the standard number of pins for a game of British pub skittles?
9 What name is given to the knocking down of all ten pins with the first ball in tenpin bowling?
10 How many balls are used in a game of snooker?