1 Who wrote the novel Dracula?
Bram Stoker
2 Which Shakespeare play sees the brother of a novice nun sentenced to death for fornication?
Measure for Money
3 What was the name of the man-cub in The Jungle Book?
4 The 'War Cry' is the magazine of which organization?
Salvation army
5 Who went with Christopher Robin to Buckingham Palace?
6 What were the first names of the poet T.S.Eliot?
Thomas Stearns
7 Which English preacher wrote 'The Pilgrim's Progress?'
John Bunyan
8 Who wrote the novel 'Fantastic Mr Fox?'
Roald Dahl
published 1970
9 Which children's author wrote about Tom Kitten and Squirrel Nutkin?
Beatrix Potter
10 In which city is the Hermitage Museum?
St Petersburg