Pub quiz questions

  1. Which American invented the Credit Card in 1946?
    John Biggins

  2. What area of South London housed the Royal Observatory until 1948?

  3. What organisation replaced the League of Nations?
    The United Nations
    Founded 1945

  4. Which Bolshevik leader was assassinated in Mexico in 1940?
    Leon Trotsky
    Politics(5) 1940s(5) Crime(5)

  5. What kind of creature is the ballet dancing Hyacinth in Fantasia?

  6. Which famous ship disappeared in the Denmark Strait on 24th May 1941 with the death of all but three of it's 1400 crew?
    H.M.S. Hood

  7. Which United States navel base did Japan attack in 1941 to declare was on the Allies?
    Pearl Harbour

  8. Which Japanese island was captured by the US in 1945 and returned in 1968?
    Iwo Jima
    Politics(6) 1960s(6) 1940s(6)

  9. In what year did Queen Elizabeth II marry Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten?
    Royalty(7) 1940s(7)

  10. Where were the 1948 winter Olympic games held?
    St. Moritz, Switzerland