Pub quiz questions

  1. What name was given to a Japanese pilot who flew suicide missions in World War II?
    Military(2) 1940s(2) 1930s(2)

  2. Which Ancient symbol was adopted by the Nazis in Germany as their emblem?

  3. Character
    Bambi, 1942, Voiced by Bobby Stewart (baby), Donnie Dunagan (young),. Hardie Albright , (adolescent), John Sutherland (adult)

  4. Character
    Lampwick (as a donkey)
    Pinocchio, 1940, voiced by Frankie Darro

  5. In which year did the first winter Olympics not happen in the same year as the summer Olympics?
    1994 (Norway)

  6. How many novels are there in C.P.Snow's Strangers and Brothers series?
    Literature(6) 1940s(6) 1950s(6) 1970s(6) 1960s(6)
    1940 through 1970

  7. Which Disney musical movie was the first to be shown to large public audiences with stereophonic sound?

  8. Who wrote the novel Fair Stood the Wind for France?
    H.E. Bates
    Published 1944

  9. Where would the 1944 summer Olympic games have been held?
    London, UK
    Cancelled because of the war

  10. Which English author wrote Scoop and The Loved One?
    Evelyn Waugh
    Published 1938 and 1948 respectively