Pub quiz questions

  1. Who filled the rĂ´le of the Sorcerer's Apprentice in Fantasia?
    Mickey Mouse

  2. What kind of creature is the ballet dancing Hyacinth in Fantasia?

  3. Which 1940 Disney film is a collection of animated impressions of classical music?

  4. What area of South London housed the Royal Observatory until 1948?

  5. In what year did Queen Elizabeth II marry Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten?
    Royalty(7) 1940s(7)

  6. Where were the 1948 winter Olympic games held?
    St. Moritz, Switzerland

  7. Which country lost the highest proportion of its citizens in World War II?

  8. Name the US president
    Harry S. Truman
    Politics(7) 1950s(6) 1940s(6)

  9. Where would the 1944 winter Olympic games have been held?
    Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy. Cancelled because of WWII

  10. Character
    Lampwick (as a donkey)
    Pinocchio, 1940, voiced by Frankie Darro