1 Paul McCartney always uses his middle name (Paul), but what's his first name?
2 Which Pop Idol winner has released songs such as "Grace," All Time Love" and "Evergreen?"
Will Young
3 On 4 May 1985, Phyllis Nelson had a UK one hit wonder with which single?
"Move Closer"
Her album was also a hit, but follow-up single "I Like You" fell just short of the Official Top 75 chart, peaking at #81.
4 How old was Amy Winehouse when she died (on Saturday 23 July 2011?)
5 What kind of creature is the ballet dancing Hyacinth in Fantasia?
6 Which singer's daughter is called Lourdes Maria?
7 What musical begins with Curly McLain singing 'Oh what a Beautiful Mornin'?'
8 Who sings 'She's the one' when you kiss his wax dummy at Madame Tussauds?
Robbie Williams
9 From which country does the band A-Ha come from?
Formed 1982
10 What was the name of the song recorded by the England football team at the time of the 1970 World Cup finals?
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