Pub quiz questions

  1. Product
    2010s. The alleged "Bollocks advert that was banned."

  2. Adam Yauch, who used Nathanial Hörnblowér as a pseudonum, died at age 47 from cancer. Which well-known hip-hop group did he found in 1979?
    Beastie Boys

  3. Character
    Nat Peterson
    Cartoons(10) 1990s(10) 2000s(10) 2010s(10) Children(10) Spongebob(9)

  4. Character
    Patrick Star

  5. Which ex-Labour MP was arrested in 2012 in the Houses of Parliament and in 2013 in the House of Commons after getting drunk in the bars there?
    Eric Joyce

  6. Company

  7. Which was the first character Johnny Depp portrayed in more than one film?
    Jack Sparrow
    The Curse of the Black Pearl(2003), Dead Man's Chest(2006), At World's End(2007), On Stranger Tides(2011)

  8. character
    Dirty Bubble

  9. Character
    Potty the Parrot
    From Spongebob Squarepants

  10. Character
    Squilliam Fancyson III