Pub quiz questions

  1. After 75 years of analogue TV transmission, BBC Director Greg Dyke turned off which transmitter in London?
    Crystal Palace

  2. Which female singer's latest album- 50 Words For Snow - was nominated (2012) for an Ivor Novello award?
    Kate Bush

  3. in 2010, which Liberal Democrat MP has the dubious honour of being the shortest serving Minister in modern British political history with less than 18 days service as a Cabinet Minister after it was revealed that he'd paid £40,000 of expenses as rent to his boyfriend?
    David Laws

  4. Character
    Officer Nancy O'Malley

  5. Company
    Marks and Spencer

  6. Company
    EDF Energy

  7. What halted the 2012 Oxford/Cambridge boat race resulting the race having to be restarted?
    A man swimming in the Thames.

  8. character
    Claire Gretchen Squarepants

  9. Company

  10. Who won the first round of the French elections in 2012?
    Francois Hollande