1 What color are the five rings on the Olympic Flag?
Red, yellow, black, blue and green
2 What is the craft of making arrows traditionally known as
3 Who was the original host of BBC's "Question of Sport" between 1970 and 1978?
David Vine
4 Who, or what, is Harper Seven?
David and Victoria Beckham's (4th) child (1st daughter)
Born 10 July 2011
5 Which Wimbledon semi-finalist was romantically linked with Cliff Richard?
Sue Barker
6 Which Queen founded Ascot Racecourse in 1711?
Queen Anne
7 Ignoring jokers, how many red cards are there in a standard pack of cards?
8 On a Monopoly board, what colour is Old Kent Road?
9 Which horse won the 1981 Derby by a record ten lengths, two years before disappearing
10 Over how many days is the decathlon contested in the Olympic Games?