1 In which sport would you find a Googly, a Chinaman and a Flipper?
They're all deliveries a spinner would bowl
2 In the classic version of Trivial Pursuit, what subject is represented by the green wedges?
Science and nature
3 Which sport is played by the Milton Keynes Lions?
4 On which piece of sporting equipment do competitors perform a manoeuvre called the "Thomas Flairs?"
Pommel Horse
The floor exercise is not really a "piece of equipment"
5 What playing surface is used for Bandy, a form of football introduced as a demonstration sport at the 1952 Winter Olympics?
6 What was the smelly-sounding, four-letter name of Atari's 1972 ball and paddle arcade game?
7 What Rugby League club calls its sponsorship initiative the 'Fax Machine?'
8 Which exercises are designed to increase oxygen comsumption and speed blood circulation?
9 What does the musical term largo mean?
10 How many different colours of squares are there on a chessboard?