1 In Formula 1, what does a flag with yellow and red stripes signify?
Slippery track ahead
2 The first ever golf course was in which country?
St Andrews, Fife in 1764
3 Who officially opened the redeveloped Ascot Racecourse in 2006 in her capacity as the owner of the Ascot Estate?
Queen Elizabeth II
4 Which sport features in the film Raging Bull?
5 What do the letters CPT stand for to someone who is new to bike riding?
Cycling Proficiency Test
6 Which playing card is the Black Lady?
Queen of Spades
7 What type of dancing was originally only performed by men, usually dressed in white, with bells and garlands?
8 In scrabble, what is the value of the blank tile?
9 If three is on the top side of a die, what number is on the bottom?
10 Which sport saw America take their dream team, including Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, to the Barcelona Olympics in 1992?