1 Father Ted was based on which fictional island?
Craggy Island
2 Who rocked on into his 60s after once claiming he didn't want to be "still singing 'Satisfaction' at the age of 40?"
Mick Jagger
3 Which TV series began with the head of the family, Tony, being treated by Dr Jennifer Melfi after suffering an anxiety attack?
The Sopranos
4 Who is the brother of the late Karen Carpenter?
Richard (Carpenter)
5 Who sponsored Coronation Street from 1996 to 2007?
6 Which Boys recorded 'Barbara Ann' in the 60s?
The Beach Boys
7 Which Leonard starred in 'The Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin?'
8 What is the name of Del Trotter's local?
The Nag's Head
9 Which rock star was Bob Geldof's Live Aid co-organiser?
Midge Ure
10 Who handed Pope John Paul II his trademark sunglasses after asking: "Holy Father, do you want a pair of fly shades?"