1 Whose daytime chat show was described as "human bear baiting" in 2007 by Judge Alan Berg?
Jeremy Kyle
2 Which boy band had hits with "Same Old Brand New You" and "Caught in the Middle?"
3 Which wife of a rock star was the first female judge on "The X Factor?"
Sharon Osbourne
UK 2004-2007
4 Who was the British Monkee?
Davy Jones
5 What was the name of Joan Collins' character in Dynasty?
Alexis Colby (née Morell; formerly Carrington, Dexter, and Rowan)
6 What is the name of Barbara Windsor's character in EastEnders?
Peggy Mitchell
7 In which TV series did the characters James, Siegfried and Tristan appear?
All Creatures Great and Small
8 Who's catchphrase was 'Stop messing about?'
Kenneth Williams
9 Which Icelandic rock diva performed "Amphibian" in "Being John Malkovich?"
10 Which Star Wars rôle was filled by 7'3'' Peter Mayhew who was working as a hospital orderly when talent spotted?