1 (October 2011) Which country is the Queen currently visiting?
2 What was the score in the 2011 Rugby World Cup final between France and New Zealand?
New Zealand 8 - 7 France
3 Where was (is) the 2011 Turner prize exhibition (being) held?
BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead
4 (October '11) Gadaffi was killed in which Libyan city?
5 (October '11) Racial harassment charges were dropped against Jena Mason from Suffolk who allegedly displayed what in her shop window?
A golliwog
It couldn't be proved that it was her who put it there.
6 (October '11) A new law passed in Louisiana has made it illegal for consumers to pay for second-hand goods with what?
Cash (as opposed to cheques/SO's etc.)
An attempt to stop the selling of stolen goods
7 Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall declared (October '11) that eating what is no more morally objectionable than consuming pork?
"In principle, but not in practice, I have no objection to a high-welfare organic puppy farm. You can't object, unless you also object to the farming of pigs"
8 Which London building was closed last week ostensibly for health and safety reasons due to the protesters outside?
St Paul's Cathedral
9 Which country suffered a 7.2-magnitude earthquake on Sunday (23rd Oct '11)?
10 Which Coronation Street actress died 15th October 2001?
Betty Driver