Wedding anniversary gifts
1 In the Twelve days of Christmas song, what was given on the fifth day?
Five gold rings
Representing the Torah/Pentateuch
2 Where were the 2008 summer Olympic games held?
Beijing, China
3 Sung to the tune of "There's a hole in my bucket" which beer was said to "works wonders, Works wonders, works wonders" in the 60s and 70s?
Double Diamond
4 Which United States navel base did Japan attack in 1941 to declare was on the Allies?
Pearl Harbour
5 Which country carried out more than 3,400 executions in 2004?
6 What large glass structure was the centrepiece of the 1851 Great Exhibition?
The Crystal Palace
7 What was often referred to in polite company as TP before Trivial Pursuit was introduced?
Toilet Paper
8 John Altman played the role of which character in Eastenders?
Nasty Nick Cotton
9 Which one-legged Treasure Island character was the quatermaster under Captain Flint, and later had a parrot also called Captain Flint in mockery of his former captain?
Long John Silver