Board games
1 Which bus comany runs the CityLink ([N]58), QuayLink (Q1/Q2) and The Loop (93/94) routes in Newcastle and Gateshead?
Go North East
2 Which play by Agatha Christie opened in London in 1952, and with over 24,000 performances so far, is still running?
3 Which 1985 comedy mystery film starring Tim Curry as Wadsworth the butler, involved 6 blackmail victims including a Senator's wife who accepted bribes, a Psychiatrist who had an affair with a patient and a black widow, and the death of Mr Boddy, their blackmailer?
4 What is the country house of the English Prime Minister called?
5 From which 1980s musical are "I know him so well" and "One night in Bangkok" from?
Premiered in 1986 in London
6 Which 1980s SitCom, starring Ronnie Corbett, revolved around 40-something Timothy Lumsden, a librarian who still lives with his domineering mother Phyllis and his henpecked father Sydney who's catchphrase was "Language Timothy!"?
1981-1982, 1985-1988
7 What was the name of the a gigantic beast in Labyrinth, whom Sarah found being tortured by goblins and ended up being one of her travelling companions?
8 Which British TV and radio quiz show, that started in 1972, is still going, and has been variously presented by Magnus Magnusson, Peter Snow, Clive Anderson and John Humphrys?
9 What English name is given to the 2004 German film 'Der Untergang' which depicts the last 10 days of Hitler, and from which one scene has been parodied thousands of time on Youtube by changing the subtitles to completely different subjects?