1 What was the slogan of Martin Luther King's famous speech made at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington in 1963 in which he looked forward to help create unity between races?
I Have a Dream
2 What did Frodo lose just before finally getting rid of the ring in Lord of the Rings?
A finger
3 Which Shakespeare play asks: "To be or not to be?"
4 What kind of creature is Mowgli's enemy Shere Khan in The Jungle Book?
A tiger
5 What does Peppermint Patty always call Charlie Brown in the Peanuts Cartoon strip?
6 Which fictional character's Hyde Park statue was installed in the night at the request of JM Barrie who thought this would retain its magical appeal?
Peter Pan's
7 Which hugely successful movie was based on a book by Margaret Mitchell?
Gone with the Wind
Book: 1936, Film 1939
8 Who painted Dr. Tulip's anatomy lesson
9 Which fictional detective is often depicted smoking a pipe while wearing a deerstalker hat?
Sherlock Holmes
10 Who wrote The Railway Children?
Edith Nesbit