1 Who's autobiography is entitled "Is That It?"
Bob Geldof
2 Which game does Shakespeare mention in King Lear and in A Comedy of Errors?
3 What does Lucy charge for psychiatric help in the Peanuts cartoon strip?
5 cents
4 Who is the richest character in Wind in the Willows?
Mr Toad
5 What period preceded Picasso's Rose Period?
Blue Period
6 Which film ends with 'tomorrow is another day?'
Gone with the Wind
7 Bob Cratchit appears in which Charles Dickens novel?
A Christmas Carol
8 Who wrote the novel Jane Eyre?
Charlotte Brontë
9 Which fictional character's Hyde Park statue was installed in the night at the request of JM Barrie who thought this would retain its magical appeal?
Peter Pan's
10 Who is the well known (author) wife of anæsthetist Dr Neil Murray?
JK Rowling