Pub quiz questions

  1. Which Blackpool Pleasure Beach ride was the world's tallest, fastest and steepest roller coaster when it appeared in 1994?
    Pepsi Max Big One

  2. Which exercises are designed to increase oxygen comsumption and speed blood circulation?

  3. What does a campanologist do as a hobby?
    Bell ring

  4. Which card game has a pegboard used for scoring?
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  5. What sport has it's name abbreviated to BMX?
    Bicycle Moto-cross

  6. Whose 1997 World Championship win made him the only person to have won snooker's top honour at junior, amateur and professional levels?
    Ken Doherty's

  7. Which British pub game gave birth to ten-pin bowling?

  8. What are the four 'C's of a diamond?
    Colour, cut, clarity, carat

  9. On a Monopoly board, what colour is Mayfair?
    Dark blue
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  10. What is the craft of making arrows traditionally known as