Pub quiz questions

  1. What is the maximum number of horses allowed to run in the Grand National?

  2. Which British theme park boasts 'The Big Dipper,' originally built in 1923?
    Blackpool 'Pleasure Beach'
    Leisure(6) 1920s(6)

  3. Which East Anglia brewery's beers include 'Broadside?'
    Drink(5) Leisure(5)

  4. How long is a 10-pin bowling alley?
    60 feet (just over 18m)

  5. In which sport are you forbidden to play left-handed?
    It was was ruled out in 1975 for safety reasons

  6. What is the alternative name for a theme park 'switchback railway'?
    Roller Coaster

  7. What computer company made its first big break into the arcade game market with Donkey Kong?

  8. After it opened in 1849, the first road and rail bridge in the world, the High Level Bridge connecting Gateshead and Newcastle over the Tyne, was plagued by late night illegal gambling. What sport was taking place?
    Greyhound racing.
    The lower road deck is perfectly straight, and exactly a quarter mile long, making an ideal dog track

  9. What sport features in the 1983 film Phar Lap?
    Horse Racing

  10. Which month of the year traditionally sees the extravagant hat brigade attending Royal Ascot?