Pub quiz questions

  1. Which island in Poole Harbour was used by Baden-Powell to try out his ideas for Scouting with boys?
    Brownsea Island

  2. Which brewery's 'Old Peculier' takes its name from the Peculier of Masham in Yorkshire?
    Leisure(6) Drink(5)

  3. What does a snorkel help you to do?
    Breathe under water

  4. How many squares are there on a Scrabble board?
    Leisure(5) Games(5)
    25 x 25

  5. Which month of the year traditionally sees the extravagant hat brigade attending Royal Ascot?

  6. What term for the skittle in the centre of the frame immediately behind the front pin, could also be the owner of the pub alley?

  7. Name the game

  8. After it opened in 1849, the first road and rail bridge in the world, the High Level Bridge connecting Gateshead and Newcastle over the Tyne, was plagued by late night illegal gambling. What sport was taking place?
    Greyhound racing.
    The lower road deck is perfectly straight, and exactly a quarter mile long, making an ideal dog track

  9. In which sport are you forbidden to play left-handed?
    It was was ruled out in 1975 for safety reasons

  10. In the game of scrabble, which two tiles are worth 10 points each?
    Q and Z