Pub quiz questions

  1. Which British city is home to the National Marine Aquarium?

  2. Who won the 1985 World Snooker Championship watched by a record after-midnight audience for any TV channel in Britain?
    Dennis Taylor

  3. What was the smelly-sounding, four-letter name of Atari's 1972 ball and paddle arcade game?

  4. In which leisure pursuit might you do a Turkey Trot or a Bunny Hug?
    Ballroom Dancing
    Leisure(1) Music(1)

  5. The Kursaal amusement part is in which town?

  6. What name is given to the line running across a snooker table?
    Baulk line

  7. What is the alternative name for a theme park 'switchback railway'?
    Roller Coaster

  8. Which hero of Mafeking's "Aid to Scouting," book for soldiers spawned the world wide Scout movement?
    Robert Beden-Powells

  9. What type of dancing was originally only performed by men, usually dressed in white, with bells and garlands?

  10. What sport has it's name abbreviated to BMX?
    Bicycle Moto-cross