Pub quiz questions

  1. Which newspaper proprietor once said 'You are as safe with me as you would be in the Bank of England?'
    Robert Maxwell
    Media(4) Sleaze(4)

  2. Who's abdication handed the throne to George VI?
    Edward VIII's
    People(1) Royalty(1) 1930s(2) Sleaze(1)
    11 December 1936 - after just over 11 months

  3. What was 'that woman' Bill Clinton claimed he didn't have sexual relations with?
    Monica Lewinsky

  4. Which government whip had an affair with which back bencher for 4 years in the 80s, and the news of which didn't come out until her diaries were published in 2002?
    John Major and Edwina Currie

  5. Which Liberal Democrat MP resigned in 2006 after the News of the World revealed that he'd paid a 23-year-old male prostitute to perform certain acts on him, which he subsequently blamed on a mid-life crisis and the stress of going bald?
    Mark Oaten

  6. Which London Club did David Blunkett allegedly receive free membership to?

  7. Who did a judge ask about with the words "Is he in need of cold, unloving, rubber-insulated sex in a seedy hotel room?"
    Jeffrey Archer
    Mr Justice Caulfield, 1987

  8. Who talked to Princess Diana in what became known as the 'Squidgygate affair?'
    James Gilbey
    Royalty(5) 1990s(5) Sleaze(5)
    Recorded 'New Year's Eve 1989', publicised 1992

  9. Which newspaper proprietor was nicknamed the Bouncing Czech?
    Robert Maxwell
    Media(1) Names(1) Sleaze(1)

  10. Which Labour politician resigned from government in 1998 over a dodgy house loan, came back in 1999 only to resign again in 2001 for accusations of influencing some passport applications, and eventually returned to the cabinet in 2008?
    Peter Mandleson
    Politics(4) 2000s(4) 1990s(4) Sleaze(4)