Pub quiz questions

  1. Whose 1914 assassination by Gavrilo Princip sparked World War I and is the name of a Scottish rock band?
    Archduke Franz Ferdinand's

  2. Who founded a hospital at Labarene, Gabon, in 1913?
    Albert Schweitzer

  3. Which virus killed more people a the end of World War I than died in the fighting?

  4. What name did George V adopt in 1917 when he realised Saxe-Coburg-Gotha sounded a bit too German?

  5. What name was given to the area between fighting fronts during World War II?
    No man's land

  6. What ancient English monument was sold for £6,000 at a 1914 auction in Salisbury?

  7. How many dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic?
    Sunk 15 April 1912

  8. What plant disease was first described in Holland in 1919?
    Dutch elm disease
    Biology(4) Nature(4) 1910s(4)

  9. What did Emily Davison have in her pocket to suggest she didn't intend killing herself under the hooves of the King's horse?
    A return train ticket
    4 June 1913

  10. What month in 1912 did the Titanic sink?
    History(2) 1910s(2)
    Sunk 15 April 1912