Pub quiz questions

  1. Identify the following animal: "They puff out their hair like a cat, raise one front foot and then hop menacingly from side to side, roaring with all the fury of a clogged drain."
    QI(5) Biology(9) Nature(9)
    1x01. Part of the elaborate play sequences of young giant anteaters, which is known as "bluff charging".

  2. What's 15 miles away from everybody, and smells of geraniums?
    The ozone layer.
    Science(6) QI(5)

  3. Who invented the steam engine?
    Hero – or Heron – of Alexandria, in 100 A.D.,
    QI(5) History(7) Science(8)
    1x01. Richard Trevithick is generally credited with the invention 1784.

  4. A chameleon changes colour to match what?
    QI(3) GI(3) Nature(4) Biology(4)
    1x04. Klaxon answer: Environment/background.

  5. What did Atlas carry on his shoulders?
    The sky/heavens
    Mythology(3) QI(3) GI(3)
    1x03. Klaxon answer: the earth.

  6. Which actor said, "One of my chief regrets during my years in the theatre is that I couldn't sit in the audience . . . and watch me"?
    John Barrymore

  7. What is the longest animal in the world?
    Lion's mane jellyfish
    QI(4) GI(4) Nature(7) Biology(7)
    1x03. Klaxon answer: Blue Whale. Fry incorrectly states that they the tendrils can grow up to 200ft, but the longest one discovered was only 120ft. Still longer than a blue whale though.

  8. Why does the actor Edward Woodward have four "d's" in his name?
    Because if he didn't he'd be Ewar WooWoo.

  9. What is the name of Earth's second moon that was discovered in 1986?
    Cruithne (Pron. croo-EEN-yeh)
    Science(7) QI(4) Astronomy(7)
    1x02. Fry incorrectly stated it was discovered in 1994

  10. Which film actor was described by the film critic John Simon as resembling a half-melted rubber bulldog?
    Walter Matthau