Pub quiz questions

  1. What is the name of the capital city of Thailand?
    Krung Thep
    QI(4) GI(4) Geography(6)
    1x02. Klaxon answer: Bangkok

  2. Which actor said, "One of my chief regrets during my years in the theatre is that I couldn't sit in the audience . . . and watch me"?
    John Barrymore

  3. Which film actor was described by the film critic John Simon as resembling a half-melted rubber bulldog?
    Walter Matthau

  4. When was Anton Bruckner born and when did he die?
    QI(9) Music(9)

  5. What's 15 miles away from everybody, and smells of geraniums?
    The ozone layer.
    Science(6) QI(5)

  6. John Gielgud, on first hearing who's name said, "It's an interesting name: it sounds like a fart in the bath."
    Edward Woodward

  7. When was Gustav Mahler born and when did he die?
    Music(9) QI(9)

  8. Who's face reminded Clive James of two crows that had crash-landed into the White Cliffs of Dover.
    Barbara Cartland

  9. What flavour is the oldest-known soup?
    GI(5) QI(5) Food(9)

  10. Where is the driest place on Earth?
    Dry Valleys region, Antartica
    GI(4) QI(4) Geography(6)
    1x03. Klaxon answer: Sahara Desert. The average annual rainfall is less than two inches, about the same as the Sahara, but the Dry Valleys, are free from ice and snow, and which haven't seen rain for two million years.