Pub quiz questions

  1. What man-made artifacts can be seen from the moon with the naked eye?
    Nothing man-made can be seen.
    QI(3) GI(3) Science(5)
    1x02. Klaxon answer: Great Wall of China

  2. John Gielgud, on first hearing who's name said, "It's an interesting name: it sounds like a fart in the bath."
    Edward Woodward

  3. What is the capital of Lithuania?
    QI(5) Geography(8)

  4. What's 15 miles away from everybody, and smells of geraniums?
    The ozone layer.
    Science(6) QI(5)

  5. If you heard the sound of fuffing, what would you expect to be soon savaged by?
    Either a tiger or a weasel
    Nature(8) QI(5) Biology(8)

  6. What is the main ingredient of air?
    QI(3) Science(3) GI(3)
    1x04. Klaxon answers: Oxygen, carbon dioxide

  7. When was Gustav Mahler born and when did he die?
    Music(9) QI(9)

  8. Identify the following animal: "They puff out their hair like a cat, raise one front foot and then hop menacingly from side to side, roaring with all the fury of a clogged drain."
    QI(5) Biology(9) Nature(9)
    1x01. Part of the elaborate play sequences of young giant anteaters, which is known as "bluff charging".

  9. According to Andrew Marshall's 2002 book about Burma, a Burmese may well sidle up to you, and murmur, "Excuse me, sir, but I see that your department store is open even on weekends." What are they talking about?
    Your flies are undone.
    1x01 The book was called "The Trouser People: A Story of Burma in the Shadow of the Empire"

  10. Who's face reminded Clive James of two crows that had crash-landed into the White Cliffs of Dover.
    Barbara Cartland