Drink Type - Stout

Parent - Porter

A powerful stout with licorice & chocolate bursting throughout, and a very long finish.
Wholesome Stout, which was voted Supreme Champion at the CAMRA Winter Beer Festival 2002 and was awarded Bronze Medal in the 2005 CAMRA West Midlands Stout Category, is produced using only the finest ingredients available. They include Pale malt with roasted barley which produces a rich dark colour. Flaked barley is used to create a full and creamy head. The Stout is flavoured with Northdown hops which give a dry resinous taste.
Imperial Stout. Offers burnt notes from the malt mingled with sweet nuances and a warming depth from the alcohol
Imperial Stout. Burnt, bitter and sweet. Savory and warming, full bodied and complex.
A discrete smoky character from both peat and beech smoked malt defines the bottom layer.
Black russian stout
Whiskey cask aged imperial stout
intergalactic fantastic oak aged stout
Rich, malty sweetness coupled with aggressive hopping.