Pub quiz rounds - Cross House Hotel - Team Name:

Mon 5 Sep 2011 - Current affairs

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Question 1 (#)
Q: Who's autobiography entitled "Back from the Brink" is due out this week?
Question 2 (#)
Q: What nationality are (most of) the residents of Dale Farm?
Question 3 (#)
Q: Two employees at the G4S security company were sacked for attaching an electronic tag to an offenders what?
Question 4 (#)
Q: An inquest into the death of which criminal, who died in Jul '10, started at Newcastle Crown Court (Mon 5th September 2011)?
Question 5 (#)
Q: Nature Valley incorrectly stated that doubling the number of Granola bars in each pack increased the deliciousness by what percentage?
Question 6 (#)
Q: Which singer, and wife to Jay-Z, announced her pregnancy?
Question 7 (#)
Q: Which wife of a former PM was criticised by appeal court judges for letting a cocaine smuggler off with a suspended sentence?
Question 8 (#)
Q: What was the name of the Appropriate Adult assigned to Fred West?
Question 9 (#)
Q: Which company has drawn up plans to open the moon's first restaurant?
Question 10 (#)
Q: What's the name of the latest game show starring Ant and Dec which has seen the first two shows give away the jackpot prize?