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Mon 8 Aug 2011 - Current affairs

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Question 1 (#3694)
Q: Aug '11, Which weatherman said he should be to blame, not Michael Fish for dismissing the Great Storm of 1987?
Question 2 (#3703)
Q: Which country's credit rating got downgraded on Friday (5th Aug 2011)
Question 3 (#3698)
Q: Aug '11, Which of the three people convicted for the death of Peter Connelly/Baby P was released less than halfway through his six-year jail sentence?
Question 4 (#3696)
Q: Aug '11, Which ex-president of Egypt went on trial, along with his two sons, for corruption and the premediated killing of peaceful protestors?
Question 5 (#3699)
Q: Which Dragon's Den star quickly retracted the reward for £50,000 to anyone who broke the arms of whoever was threatening his daughter on Twitter, and replaced it with a reward of £30,000 for information leading to an arrest?
Question 6 (#3702)
Q: Aug '11. Which comedian crashed, for the second time, their McLaren F1 - hitting a tree and a road sign before catching fire, even though they said they were driving at an "embarrassingly low-speed and therefore not related to my handling of the car."
Question 7 (#3695)
Q: Aug'11, Which country's president was pictured trying to bend a frying pan?
Question 8 (#3701)
Q: Aug '11, The death of Mark Duggan was said to be the cause of riots in which area of London?
Question 9 (#3693)
Q: Aug '11, Paul Daniels took himself to hospital after being attacked by which fellow entertainer?
Question 10 (#3700)
Q: Aug '11. In the latest tragedy to hit Norway, what killed one person and left another 4 injured?