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Tue 17 Apr 2012 - Current Affairs

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Question 1 (#5923)
Q: In 2012, which town in Oregon was first named, then repealed as the basis of The Simpsons?
Question 2 (#5977)
Q: Consumer Price Inflation changed from 3.4% in February to how much in March?
Question 3 (#5928)
Q: Which comedian from QI, and star of Jonathan Creek, was vilified by football fans after he complained about Liverpool's insistence that they never play on the anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster?
Question 4 (#5925)
Q: What happened to North Korea's rocket within two minutes of it being launched?
Question 5 (#5926)
Q: What was Radio One's number #1 this week?
Question 6 (#5921)
Q: Which author has finally announced the title of their new book about parish-council elections in an English market town called 'The Casual Vacancy.'
Question 7 (#5927)
Q: The Environment Agency has declared official drought zones in a further 17 English counties and said the shortages could last until when?
Question 8 (#5924)
Q: Which member of the Bee Gees is in a coma with pneumonia?
Question 9 (#5922)
Q: What was the name of the winner of the Grand National on Saturday (2012)
Question 10 (#5950)
Q: Indonesia's religious affairs minister has put forward a proposal to ban what, claiming they're pornographic?