Pub quiz questions

  1. Which zoo animals were set free in the title of John Irving's first novel?
    Setting Free the Bears (1968)

  2. Which civil rights campaigner was awarded the 1965 Nobel Peace Prize?
    Martin Luther King Jr.

  3. Which American author wrote Breakfast at Tiffany's and In Cold Blood?
    Truman Capote
    Published 1958 and 1966 respectively.

  4. Who starred as Doctor Dolittle in the 1967 film?
    Rex Harrison

  5. Where can you find Arnol Machin's 1966 image of Queen Elizabeth II?
    On stamps (and coins minted to 1984)
    Royalty(6) 1970s(6) 1960s(6)

  6. Which 60's group, who hits include Be My Baby, were awarded £1.7m in missing royalties by a New York court in 2000?
    The Ronettes

  7. Which Belfast-born musician became principal flautist with the Berlin Philharmonic in 1967?
    James Galway

  8. Which UK newspaper had the first ever colour supplement on 4th Feb 1962?
    The Sunday Times
    Media(6) 1960s(6)

  9. Where were the 1968 winter Olympic games held?
    Grenoble, France

  10. In 1964, which was the 1st pirate radio station to start broadcasting in Britain?
    Radio Caroline