Pub quiz questions

  1. In which Texas city was President John F. Kennedy assassinated in 1963?

  2. Which ballet star, who was born on a train travelling across Siberia, defected to the West at Paris Airport in 1961?
    Rudolf Neuyev

  3. What vehicle's first passenger carrying service was the Vickers VA-3 travelling from Wallasey to Rhyl in 1961?
    Science(5) 1960s(5)

  4. Which UK newspaper had the first ever colour supplement on 4th Feb 1962?
    The Sunday Times
    Media(6) 1960s(6)

  5. Who plays Harold Steptoe in the classic comedy series Steptoe and Son?
    Harry H Corbett

  6. Which British actor starred in Saturday Night and Sunday Morning?
    Albert Finney

  7. Which Irish author wrote The Old Boys and The Ballroom of Romance?
    William Trevor
    Published 1964, 1972 respectively

  8. With which sport is Jean-Clause Killy associated?
    Sports(6) 1960s(7)
    World cup winner 1967–68

  9. Which English county did the Great Train Robbery take place in?

  10. Who starred as Doctor Dolittle in the 1967 film?
    Rex Harrison