Pub quiz questions

  1. What is the main food of adult echidnas?
    Ants or termites
    Food(5) Nature(5)

  2. What breakfast dish is mostly made from Seville oranges?
    Food(3) Nature(3)

  3. What is the opposite of nocturnal?

  4. What does an unpicked courgette grow up to be?
    A marrow
    Food(3) Nature(3)

  5. What are most regularly turned into dagger handles, not an aphrodisiac as commonly thought?
    Rhino horns

  6. What is a monkey puzzle?

  7. What is the common name for arugula when it's served with a high-flying salad?
    Rocket (Roquette)
    Nature(4) Food(3)

  8. What is the more colourful alternative name for the square-lipped rhinoceros?
    White rhinoceros

  9. What is a mamba?

  10. What did every dog owner in Britain require until their abolition in 1987?
    A dog licence