Pub quiz questions

  1. What is a honey locust?
    An American tree

  2. What is a cross between a collie and a greyhound called?

  3. What is the common name for arugula when it's served with a high-flying salad?
    Rocket (Roquette)
    Nature(4) Food(3)

  4. Which stimulant is found in tea and coffee?

  5. What garden visitors are classified in to two main families: hesperioidea and papilionoidea

  6. What is the common name for 'beta vulgaris,' a member of the beet family grown as cattle fodder?
    Food(6) Nature(6)
    Beetroot and sugar beet aren't generally grown for cattle fodder - mangelwurzel is.

  7. Which P-word is given to birds reared for human consumption

  8. Which African mammal has a name which means 'earth pig' in Afrikaans?

  9. What breed is often called the Apollo of Dogs?
    Great Dane

  10. What fruit is commonly called the bramble?
    Language(2) Food(2) Nature(2)