Pub quiz questions

  1. What is the most noticeable physical difference between African and Asian elephants apart from their size?

  2. What kind of tails to New World monkeys have that Old World monkeys don't?

  3. What is the more comon name for the "fruit citrus grandis?"
    Food(3) Nature(4)

  4. What find the Stone Fish a place in the record books?
    Most poisonous fish

  5. Which carnivorous animal lives in the Australian Outback?

  6. Which is the USA's longest river?
    Mississippi,. Missouri

  7. What is the longest animal in the world?
    Lion's mane jellyfish
    QI(4) GI(4) Nature(7) Biology(7)
    1x03. Klaxon answer: Blue Whale. Fry incorrectly states that they the tendrils can grow up to 200ft, but the longest one discovered was only 120ft. Still longer than a blue whale though.

  8. What drink is made from the leaves of the camellia sinensis bush?
    Drink(3) Nature(3)

  9. What garden visitors are classified in to two main families: hesperioidea and papilionoidea

  10. What creature is a mata mata?
    (South American) turtle