Pub quiz questions

  1. If you were suffering from tinnitus, what would be wrong with you?
    Ringing or buzzing in the ears

  2. Who said the famous phrase "An army marches on its stomach?"

  3. What name is given in knitting to a pattern of stitches producing a pattern like a twisted rope?

  4. Which musical instrument can Bill Clinton play?

  5. What is the main tourist attraction next to the A303 between Winterbourne Stoke and Amesbury?

  6. Which sport uses a piece of equipment that is 9-feet long and 5-feet wide?
    Table Tennis
    It's the table

  7. In America they're called Graham Crackers. What are they called in the UK?
    Digestive biscuits

  8. Which sport sometimes employs a method of scoring known as 'Stableford?'

  9. Which Iraqi leader ordered the invasion of Kuwait in 1990?
    Saddam Hussein

  10. What was Gregory Peck's first name?