Pub quiz questions

  1. Which playing card is the Black Lady?
    Queen of Spades

  2. What is the model name given to a traditional red double decker bus?

  3. What is the last letter in the Greek alphabet?

  4. Being bitten by which insect can cause sleeping sickness?
    Tsetse fly

  5. What is the first number that cannot be achieved by throwing a single dart at a regulation dartboard?
    The first prime number after 20

  6. According to the Bible, on which day did God create the Sun, Moon and the stars?
    The fourth day

  7. What does a philatelist collect?

  8. List the different "classical" states of matter
    Solid, Gas, Liquid

  9. In the classic version of Trivial Pursuit, what subject is represented by the pink wedges?

  10. Who declared war on Britain and France in 1940