Pub quiz questions

  1. Which Greek philosopher died by drinking hemlock?

  2. The practice of which popular art form was banned in New York for the majority of the 60s?
    The City Health Department found what it said were a series of blood-borne hepatitis cases coming from tattoo parlours in 1961.

  3. Name the halogen group elements (group 17) in the periodic table up to element 85.
    Fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, astatine

  4. In printing, uppercase are what type of letters?

  5. What is the name given to a triangle where only two the sides are of identical length?

  6. In the Twelve days of Christmas song, what was given on the seventh day?
    Seven swans-a-swimming
    Representing the seven gifts of the holy spirit

  7. Since 1890, what has the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police Service been called?
    New Scotland Yard

  8. In which fictional town did "the Flintstones" live?

  9. What are the four 'C's of a diamond?
    Colour, cut, clarity, carat

  10. According to myths, where did the Greek Gods live?
    Mount Olympus