Pub quiz questions

  1. Who won the 200m freestyle gold medal at the 1993 world championships to become Britain's first swimming world champion?
    Karen Pickering

  2. Which athlete carried the flag for Team GB into the Beijing Olympic Stadium for the 2008 Summer Olympics opening ceremony?
    Mark Foster

  3. Which congenitally bald Brit won Olympic gold and bronze at the 1980 Olympics?
    Duncan Goodhew

  4. What was Britain's David Wilkie the first elite male swimmer to wear in a major competition when he donned his for the 1970 Commonwealth Games?
    Swimming cap

  5. How long is an Olympic swimming pool?

  6. Which surgically enhanced Olympic gold medal swimmer appeared on Gladiators as Amazon?
    Sharon Davies

  7. Which American swimmer won eight medals at the 2004 Olympics?
    Michael Phelps