Pub quiz questions

  1. What is the sporting connection between Guinness, Mars, ADT and Flora?
    They've all sponsored the London Marathon

  2. Which political leader held the British 100m record from 1967 to 1974?
    Menzies (Ming) Campbell

  3. What city hosts the annual BUPA Great North Run?
    Newcastle upon Tyne

  4. Who ran the world's second sub-four-minute mile before becoming Governor of Victoria, Australia?
    John Landy

  5. Which athletic event saw the Western Roll and Straddle mostly replaced by the Fosbury Flop
    High jump

  6. Who broke the world record for the women's 100m and 200m in Seoul in July 1988?
    Florence (Flo-Jo) Griffith Joyner

  7. Which British sub-four-minute miler was also the first man to run 1,500m in under 3m30s?
    Steve Cram

  8. Who was Ireland's only medal winner at the 2000 Sydney Olympics?
    Sonia O'Sullivan
    Silver for the 5000m

  9. How many events are there in the modern pentathlon?

  10. Which Olympic distance is usually run on the home straight of a 400-metre track with an extension to allow a straight-line race?