Pub quiz questions

  1. Who broke the world record for the women's 100m and 200m in Seoul in July 1988?
    Florence (Flo-Jo) Griffith Joyner

  2. What first made Olympic history in the 1968 Mexico City 100m final, in addition to Jim Hine's sub-ten-second record?
    First all-black final

  3. Which university city witnessed Roger Bannister's first sub-four-minute-mine?

  4. What Olympic event is based on what was once used as a practical means to travel round the fens of England's eastern counties?
    Pole vault

  5. Which world record stood at 2.45 metres at the start of the 21st century?
    High jump

  6. How many upright supports are permitted for an Olympic high jump crossbar?

  7. What is the better known name of the old 91 metres sprint race?

  8. Who won gold for Great Britain in the 1500m at the 1980 Olympics in Moscow?
    Sebastian Coe

  9. Who was Ireland's only medal winner at the 2000 Sydney Olympics?
    Sonia O'Sullivan
    Silver for the 5000m

  10. What is the nationality of Hicham El Guerrouj, the man who holds the record of running a mile in the fasted time of 3 minutes 43 seconds?
    Record obtained 7 July 1999, still standing as of April 2012