Pub quiz questions

  1. Which inappropriately named John was the first man to run 100 sub-four-minute miles?
    John Walker

  2. Who was the first athlete to run 100 sub-four-minute miles?
    John Walker

  3. Which British athlete won the gold medal in the women's heptathlon event at the 2000 Sydney Olympics?
    Denise Lewis

  4. Steve Backley is associated with which branch of athletics?

  5. Which university city witnessed Roger Bannister's first sub-four-minute-mine?

  6. Which British sub-four-minute miler was also the first man to run 1,500m in under 3m30s?
    Steve Cram

  7. What is the closest Olympic event to the Dutch sport of fierjjeppen?
    Pole vault

  8. Whose 1988 women's 100m world record still stood in 2006?
    Florence Griffith Joyner's

  9. What gruelling event in Barcelona saw Derartu Tulu of Ethopia become the first black African Olympic champion?
    10,000 meters

  10. What Olympic event is based on what was once used as a practical means to travel round the fens of England's eastern counties?
    Pole vault