Brewery/Chain The Durham Brewery

  1. Brewery/Chain Unknown
  2. Unit 6a 
    Bowburn North Industrial Estate 
    Co. Durham 
    DH6 5PF 
    United Kingdom 
  3. 0191 3771991
  4. 0191 3778522
  5. Established in 1994 at the CAMRA beer festival in Durham that year. It was founded by two full-time teachers who were made redundant shortly after. The brewery thus became their sole source of income.

Beverages made by The Durham Brewery

  1. Temptation Black russian stout
  2. Bedes Chalice Golden belgian tripel
  3. Benedictus Rich golden barley wine
  4. White Magic Pale/Golden IPA
  5. Magnificat Rich golden strong bitter
  6. St Cuthbert Golden IPA
  7. Sanctuary Dark ruby strong bitter
  8. Nine altars Dark ruby strong mild
  9. Evensong Ruby strong bitter
  10. White Bishop Pale strong bitter
  11. Hopping Mad Pale double IPA
  12. Bishops gold Rich golden premium bitter
  13. Priors Gold Rich golden premium bitter
  14. Cats Whiskers Amber/gold premium bitter
  15. Cloister Light golden premium bitter
  16. White Centennial Pale premium bitter
  17. Bees Knees Pale premium bitter
  18. Durham County Chestnut premium bitter
  19. Genesis Chestnut bitter
  20. Dark Secret Deep chestnut premium bitter
  21. Canny Lad Ruby premium bitter
  22. White Velvet Pale bitter
  23. On the Hop Pale bitter
  24. Bedes Gold Golden bitter
  25. White Amarillo Pale bitter
  26. Revelation Chestnut premium bitter
  27. White Gold Pale bitter
  28. Apollo Pale bitter
  29. Black Velvet Black porter
  30. White Gem Pale bitter
  31. Oran-a-tang Golden bitter
  32. Golden Sceptre Golden amber bitter
  33. Bonny Lass Ruby bitter
  34. Magus Pale bitter
  35. Definitive Pale bitter
  36. A White Whopper Pale bitter
  37. Durham Ruby Deep ruby mild
  38. Inspiration Pale session bitter
  39. Frostbite Pale bitter