1 Which band's greatest hits include 'Sweet Child o'Mine' and 'November Rain?'
2 Which wife of a rock star was the first female judge on "The X Factor?"
Sharon Osbourne
UK 2004-2007
3 Who had a hit with "Radio Ga Ga?"
4 Who took "Wannabe" to number 1 in 1996?
The Spice Girls
5 Who was the youngest member of Take that before going onto superstar solo success?
Robbie Williams
Left 1996
6 Which Geordie singer and actor released an album entitled Big River in 1995?
Jimmy Nail
7 According to the song, it will start raining men at just about what time?
Half past ten
Written in 1979, released by Weather Girls in 1982
8 What song provided The Animals with their only UK number 1?
House of the Rising Sun
9 Which TV actor provided the voice for Bob the Builder in his number 1 hit 'Can We Fix It?'
Neil Morrisey
10 Who wrote the Sinead O'Connor hit 'Nothing Compares 2 U?'