1 In mythology what was Minerva the Goddess of?
2 What was the full name of the founder of The Church of Scientology? (Do not just give the initials.)
Lafayette Ron Hubbard.
3 In Islam, who was the first Prophet?
Adam. Yes, /that/ Adam.
4 What are members of the Unification Church better known as?
The Moonies.
From the name of the church's founder Sun Myung Moon
5 According to the Bible, on which day did God create the Sun, Moon and the stars?
The fourth day
6 What is the highest peak in Turkey, and the supposed resting place of Noah's Ark?
Mount Ararat
7 What religion was introduced to Japan in the mid-6th century?
8 Who murdered Abel?
9 A revolving firework is named after which saint?
10 in which month is Epiphany?