1 Who was the last English football player to win the European Golden Shoe?
Kevin Phillips
Won in 1999/2000 while playing for Sunderland
2 How many times can a volleyball team touch the ball before it has to cross the net?
3 In the UK, what colour jacket does a greyhound running from trap 4 wear?
4 What was the nickname of the swimmer from Equatorial Guinea who took over two minutes to complete the 100m freestyle at the 2000 olympics?
Eric the eel
At the time of writing, the world records for the 100m are 47s(long course) and 45s(short)
5 On October 24 1901, for her 63rd birthday, Annie Edson Taylor was the first person to survive a trip over Niagara Falls in what?
A barrel
6 Which British game is knows as checkers in the USA?
7 What company produced the Brownie camera?
8 What martial art was originated in 1882 by Japanese doctor Jigoro Kano?
9 How many times must the referee slap the mat for a pinfall to count in professional wrestling?
10 Which of your opponent's pieces has to be in checkmate to win a game of chess?