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Mon 1 Aug 2011 - Current Affairs

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Question 1 (#3611)
Q: Jul '11, Jane Horrocks was quoted as saying "sometimes you can have rather a lot of chavs in, and that gets a bit scary." Which business was she talking about?
Question 2 (#3608)
Q: Which beauty product firm got a slap on the wrists from the Advertising Standards Authority for digitally altering two adverts starring Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington?
Question 3 (#3614)
Q: According to the according to The Middle Class Handbook (published Jul'11), staying up late to watch which television programme is one of the eight signs that your marriage may be in trouble?
Question 4 (#3606)
Q: Which fashion designer was it revealed, in July '11, that left £50K of his £16M estate in his will to look after his 3 dogs, Minter, Juice and Callum?
Question 5 (#3616)
Q: Which Royal couple got married on Sat 30th July 2011?
Question 6 (#3607)
Q: Which energy firm got fined in July '11 for failing to deal with complaints correctly?
Question 7 (#3613)
Q: Colin Furze, a plumber from Lincolnshire, claims to have made it ino the Guinness book of records with the worlds longest what?
Question 8 (#3612)
Q: Jul '11, which sportsman complained that the British national anthem was too short?
Question 9 (#3615)
Q: Jul '11, Norwegian scientists have discovered that tree rings can be an inaccurate guide to climate change - what sort of natural phenomenon do they say makes them inaccurate?
Question 10 (#3610)
Q: In the latest/Jul '11 assassination in Southern Afghanistan, the Mayor was killed by a suicide bomber with the bomb hidden where?