Pub quiz rounds - Cross House Hotel - Team Name:

Mon 8 Aug 2011 - Children's entertainment

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Question 1 (#3249)
Q: Which Dandy comic title character lives in Cactusville?
Question 2 (#432)
Q: In which 1970's children's show would you have found characters such as Brains, Doughnut, Scooper, Spring and Sticks?
Question 3 (#215)
Q: In 1975, on the B side of a record, Jasper Carrot released a rather risqué monologue based on which Children's TV programme?
Question 4 (#2888)
Q: What is the name of Spongebob Squarepants' pet snail who meows like a cat?
Question 5 (#2986)
Q: Who wrote the series of children's books featuring Little Mabel?
Question 6 (#2928)
Q: What are the only animals ever seen where the Teletubbies live?
Question 7 (#1196)
Q: In which fictional county was Camberwick Green?
Question 8 (#2932)
Q: What was the name of the short-lived, early 1990s, dance craze that was started by The Simpsons?
Question 9 (#116)
Q: In "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," who did Alice join at tea party with the Mad hatter?
Question 10 (#3066)
Q: Which literary character is adopted by Messua and her husband who beleive him to be their long-lost son Nathoo?