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Mon 30 May 2011 - Local History

North east

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Question 1 (#2479)
Q: Who was the first person to both invent, and patent (in the UK,) the light bulb?
Question 2 (#2483)
Q: The Sage on the south bank of the Tyne in Gateshead was designed by which architect?
Question 3 (#2487)
Q: Who financed, and originally owned, the Metrocentre in Gateshead when it opened in October 1986?
Question 4 (#2481)
Q: When was construction of The Angel of the North completed?
Question 5 (#2488)
Q: After it opened in 1849, the first road and rail bridge in the world, the High Level Bridge connecting Gateshead and Newcastle over the Tyne, was plagued by late night illegal gambling. What sport was taking place?
Question 6 (#2480)
Q: The Cathedral Church in Newcastle is dedicated to St. Nicholas, but to whom is the Cathedral Chruch in Durham dedicated to?
Question 7 (#2484)
Q: The Tyne Bridge was opened by whom in 1928?
Question 8 (#2486)
Q: What was built at the Forth Street Works in Newcastle, and won the Rainhill Trials in 1929?
Question 9 (#2485)
Q: What is the name of the first private residence in the world to be lit by hydro-electricity?
Question 10 (#2482)
Q: To whom is Penshaw Monument dedicated to?