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Tue 24 Apr 2012 - Current Affairs

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Question 1 (#6176)
Q: Stacie Halas, a science teacher in Southern California, was finally sacked by her school district, for what reason?
Question 2 (#6179)
Q: Patients in which UK city were put at risk when surgeons had to complete operations by torchlight when workers cut the power ahead of scheduled maintenance?
Question 3 (#6173)
Q: What nationality were the winners of both the men's and women's 2012 wheelchair London Marathon?
Question 4 (#6178)
Q: After 75 years of analogue TV transmission, BBC Director Greg Dyke turned off which transmitter in London?
Question 5 (#6174)
Q: Who won the first round of the French elections in 2012?
Question 6 (#6079)
Q: Which company's TV advert starring David Tennant was pulled (2012) due to a complaint from the BBC about references to Dr Who?
Question 7 (#6171)
Q: Where was Formula One being held in 2012 amid controversy about the safety of participants and spectators?
Question 8 (#6172)
Q: Which female singer's latest album- 50 Words For Snow - was nominated (2012) for an Ivor Novello award?
Question 9 (#6175)
Q: With which late seventies/early eighties band did Greg Ham, who died in 2012, play the saxophone, flute, organ, piano and synthesizer?
Question 10 (#6177)
Q: The 2012 Proms will star which claymation character in a piece entitled "My Concerto in Ee, Lad?"