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Tue 24 Apr 2012 - 2000s

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Question 1 (#2921)
Q: Which TV talent show contest's first two winners were Steve Brookstein and Shayne Ward?
Question 2 (#529)
Q: Which singer had hits in 2003 with "1973" and "Same Mistake?"
Question 3 (#5443)
Q: Which nation hosted the ENC World Cup Golf Trophy in 2002?
Question 4 (#5865)
Q: For what cause did celebrities such as Chris Moyles, Ronan Keating and Cheryl Cole climb Mount Kilamanjaro?
Question 5 (#4788)
Q: What novel is said to have boosted the number of visitors to the Louvre by 22% in 2005?
Question 6 (#1113)
Q: In which year did Live8 concerts take place around the world?
Question 7 (#5537)
Q: Johnny Knoxville became famous in which outrageous TV show?
Question 8 (#4117)
Q: Which Great Train Robber asked in 2001 if he could be allowed home to enjoy a pint in a Margate pub?
Question 9 (#4067)
Q: What colour toilet paper became trendy in 2004 when introduced by the Portuguese Renova company?
Question 10 (#2911)
Q: Which famous punk walked out of the 2004 series of I'm a Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here!?