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Tue 3 Apr 2012 - Current affairs

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Question 1 (#)
Q: The 30th anniversary of which war happened this week (Monday 2nd April 2012)?
Question 2 (#)
Q: Which celebrity Big Brother contestant, famously seen acting as a submissive cat, won the by-election in Bradford (March 2012)?
Question 3 (#)
Q: Which movie director went on a multi-million dollar deep sea dive to the deepest place on earth?
Question 4 (#)
Q: Which conservative politician first got the blame for encouraging panic buying of petrol last week (March 2012)?
Question 5 (#)
Q: Which youth organisation has just released a new uniform especially for muslim girls?
Question 6 (#)
Q: Which country saw a general strike last week, with more than 1 million protestors against austerity?
Question 7 (#)
Q: Second class stamps are to cost how much after 30th April 2012?
Question 8 (#)
Q: What was especially unusual about the sending off, of three players from Bradford and two from Crawley last week/27th March 2012?
Question 9 (#)
Q: Fidel Castro met which religious figure in Cuba last week?
Question 10 (#)
Q: What was the final score for the Manchester City v Sunderland match on Saturday?