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Tue 3 Apr 2012 - 1990s

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Question 1 (#4463)
Q: Which TV sitcom developed from a French and Saunder's sketch called Modern Mother and Daughter?
Question 2 (#3662)
Q: Who sang that they were "Back for Good" in 1995?
Question 3 (#4415)
Q: Which leader of Solidarność (soli-dar-nosht - Solidarity) became President of Poland in 1990?
Question 4 (#4592)
Q: Which UK national newspaper's apparent obsession with 'the conspiracy theory' included a week in 2006 when Princess Diana featured daily on the front page, 9 years after her death?
Question 5 (#4109)
Q: Who was Bill Clinton's main competitor in the 1996 US Presidential election?
Question 6 (#3104)
Q: Which city officially opened the world's largest observation wheel in 1999?
Question 7 (#3639)
Q: Who played Wimbledon's Centre Court without a racket in 1996?
Question 8 (#4488)
Q: Which 1993 movie saw Dinosaurs escaping from their theme park enclosure after the security system was disabled?
Question 9 (#3260)
Q: What collective name was given to the trio of opera singers who first performed together in Rome on the eve of the 1990 World Cup Final?
Question 10 (#1276)
Q: Who did former GMTV presenter Eamonn Holmes allegedly call "Princess Tippy Toes?"