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Mon 23 May 2011 - Sport

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Question 1 (#236)
Q: Which sport was known (among other things) as 'Poona' after the British garrison town in India it was particularly popular in?
Question 2 (#96)
Q: What are the officials in American Football sometimes known as?
Question 3 (#148)
Q: Who, or what, became known as "The Crafty Cockney?"
Question 4 (#230)
Q: In which sport is the aim to get 'rocks' over a 'sheet,' and closest to the 'button' in the 'house'?
Question 5 (#650)
Q: Where were the 2010 winter Olympic games held?
Question 6 (#406)
Q: In the UK, what colour jacket does a greyhound running from trap 2 wear?
Question 7 (#209)
Q: What is the maximum number of horses allowed to run in the Grand National?
Question 8 (#161)
Q: Which two comedians sang the song "Three Lions," for use at Euro 96
Question 9 (#232)
Q: Which `sport' was specifically banned by Florida and New York states in the US in 1989, by the Mayor of a small town in France around 2002 and by 'Bill 97' in Canada in 2003?
Question 10 (#102)
Q: How is the sport of tauromancy better known