Pub quiz questions

  1. What name is given to the closest start to the Earth?
    The sun

  2. What heavenly body was represented by the Inca god Inti?
    The Sun

  3. Which 16th/17th century Italian with the initials GG make improvements to the telescope and is known as the father of modern astronomy?
    Galileo Galilei

  4. What astronomical aid takes its name from the Greek words for 'far seeing?'

  5. What simple telescope magnifies the view of distance objects by gathering light on curved mirrors?
    Reflecting telescope

  6. Which American astronomer gave his name to a telescope launched into space in 1990?
    Edwin Hubble

  7. What is the name of Earth's second moon that was discovered in 1986?
    Cruithne (Pron. croo-EEN-yeh)
    Science(7) QI(4) Astronomy(7)
    1x02. Fry incorrectly stated it was discovered in 1994

  8. What area of South London housed the Royal Observatory until 1948?

  9. What name is given to a place equipped with telescopes for studying the sky

  10. Which English county gained the most tourists to view the 1999 total solar eclipse?