Pub quiz questions

  1. 2011 Rugby World Cup team
    Sports(8) Rugby(8) Logos(8)

  2. 2011 Rugby World Cup team
    New Zealand
    Logos(6) Sports(6) Rugby(6)

  3. Which country replaces the Italian men's rugby team in the Women's Six Nations championship?

  4. In which country was the 1999 Rugby World Cup held?
    Sports(5) Rugby(4)

  5. Which bird features on the badge of the French national Rugby Union shirt?
    A cockerel
    Biology(7) Sports(5) Rugby(4) Nature(7)

  6. 2011 Rugby World Cup team
    Sports(8) Logos(8) Rugby(8)

  7. With which sport would you associate Sheffield Eagles?
    Rugby League
    Sports(6) Rugby(2)

  8. Which two animals would be competing if Argentina played South Africa in a rugby union match?
    The Pumas (Argentina) and The Springboks (SA)

  9. Which Northern City supports the Bulls Rugby League team?

  10. What does KR stand for after the name of a Hull Rugby League club?
    Kingston Rovers
    Sports(7) Rugby(7)