Pub quiz questions

  1. What colour is a West Highland Terrier?

  2. Which London museum has the largest display of dinosaur bones?
    Natural History Museum

  3. What South African monkey takes its name due to its similarity in appearance to a nocturnal bird?
    Owl monkey

  4. What do most lobsters and crayfish do with their shell after it has moulted?
    Eat it

  5. Where do tubers grow?
    Below ground

  6. What plant disease was first described in Holland in 1919?
    Dutch elm disease
    Biology(4) Nature(4) 1910s(4)

  7. What is the only non-human member of the ape family which isn't an agile climber?

  8. Which breed of cat can be seal pointed, blue pointed, chocolate pointed, or lilac pointed?

  9. How many pairs of ribs are there in the human body?

  10. What is a honey locust?
    An American tree