Pub quiz questions

  1. What does a butterfly have 380 of, a chicken 78, a donkey 62 and humans a mere 46?

  2. What does a female horse become in the UK at the age of five when a male becomes a stallion?

  3. Which part of a man's anatomy remains the same size from birth?
    Same as women of course

  4. Which US President's disability resulted in the White House being made wheelchair-accessible?
    Franklin D. Roosevelt's
    He fell ill on 9 August 1921, but there is little consensus on what he actually suffered.

  5. What is the smallest of the anthropoid apes?

  6. Which bird can be bald, golden or harpy?

  7. What skin complaint was once commonly called school sores?

  8. What ape has a name derived from the Malay for 'man of the forest?'

  9. What is the only bone in the human body that doesn't directly connect to any other?

  10. Which bodily organ produces urine?
    Kidney. (The bladder merely stores it.)