Pub quiz questions

  1. What is the fundamental oath usually associated with doctors?
    The Hippocratic Oath

  2. What name is given to trees of the genus Larix?

  3. Ursine is used to describe which sort of animal?

  4. Where on a fish's body are the growth rings scientists use to determine age?
    The ears

  5. Which two colours of squirrel are found in Britain?
    Red and grey

  6. What sort of creature is a pompano?

  7. What is the UK's largest indigenous carnivore?

  8. What are the primary predecessors which are replaced in later life by succedaneous?

  9. What dog gave its name to the 2003 Mars lander which failed to work?

  10. Which part of a ginger plant does the spice come from?
    The root (or rhyzome)