Pub quiz questions

  1. What does an agaricologist study?

  2. What is a mamba?

  3. Being bitten by which insect can cause sleeping sickness?
    Tsetse fly

  4. What bird gave its name to the lunar module which took Neil Armstrong to the surface of the moon?
    Nature(2) Space(1) 1960s(1) Biology(2)

  5. What is the name of a whale's breathing organ?
    Lungs. They're mammals.

  6. To which group of mammals do apes and monkeys belong?

  7. Which virus killed more people a the end of World War I than died in the fighting?

  8. Which bird features on the badge of the French national Rugby Union shirt?
    A cockerel
    Biology(7) Sports(5) Rugby(4) Nature(7)

  9. What do most lobsters and crayfish do with their shell after it has moulted?
    Eat it

  10. What are categorised as the biological class 'aves?'