Pub quiz questions

  1. Character
    Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, 1937/8, voiced by Billy Gilbert

  2. Which UK Prime Minister's Munich Agreement wasn't worth the paper it was written on?
    Neville Chamberlain's
    29/30 September 1938

  3. Which classic movie's lead rĂ´le did Gary Cooper turn down with the words '[it] will be the biggest flop in Hollywood history?'
    Gone with the Wind
    Book: 1936, Film 1939

  4. Name the US president
    Theodore Roosevelt
    Politics(4) 1930s(4) 1940s(4)

  5. In which American state was Elvis Presley born?

  6. Which novel by Margaret Mitchell won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1937?
    Gone with the Wind

  7. Who was the most famous creation of the Australian author P.L.Travers?
    Mary Poppins
    Published 1934. Film 1964

  8. What kind of ethereal requests were forbidden in the USA during World War II?
    Music requests on the radio
    It was feared secret agents and saboteurs would be able to cimmunicate.

  9. What four letter name was given to 'Hormel Spiced Ham' in the 1930s?

  10. Character
    Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, 1937/8, voiced by Pinto Colvig