Pub quiz questions

  1. TV Show/Character/Actor
    Gary Coleman, Diff'rent Strokes, Arnold Jackson
    NBC (1978–1985) ABC (1985–1986)

  2. Which Israeli prime minister shared the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize with Anwar Sadat?
    Menachem Begin
    Science(8) 1970s(8)

  3. Starting in 1970, who was BBC Radio One's first female DJ; and, since the death of John Peel in 2004, it's longest serving presenter?
    Ann(ie) Nightingale

  4. Character/Show
    Prisoner: Cell Block H, Joan Ferguson
    Not Vera Bennett (though they can look alike). 1979-1986

  5. Mr Men
    Mr Noisy

  6. Which churchman launched the Save Ulster from Sodomy anti-homosexual campaign?
    Ian Paisley
    Launched 1977

  7. Who was the leader of East Germany from 1971 to 1989?
    Erich Hinecker
    Politics(8) 1970s(8) 1980s(8)

  8. "The Likely Lads" broadcast its last episode in 1966. When did "Whatever happened to the Likely Lads start?"

  9. What was the name of the tortoise in 'Fingerbobs?'
    14 February 1972 – 15 May 1972

  10. Mr Men
    Mr Sneeze