Pub quiz questions

  1. What was suspended in Northern Ireland in 1972?
    Home Rule

  2. Who had a UK number one hit single in 1972 with Take Me Back 'Ome?

  3. Which 1997 movie finally sank Star Wars from its position as all-time box office champ?
    Star Wars: 1977

  4. What nickname was attached to murderer Peter Sutcliffe?
    The Yorkshire Ripper
    1980s(3) 1970s(3) Crime(3)
    Convicted 1981, murders happened 1975-1980.

  5. Which major comedy star played Garp in the movie adaptation of John Irving's 'The World According to Garp?'
    Robin Williams
    Book 1978, Film 1982

  6. Mr Men
    Mr Jelly/Mr Nervous

  7. Which Israeli prime minister shared the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize with Anwar Sadat?
    Menachem Begin
    Science(8) 1970s(8)

  8. Mr Men
    Mr Clever

  9. What country included Liverpool until it was moved to Merseyside in 1974?

  10. Name the US president
    Richard Nixon
    Politics(6) 1960s(5) 1970s(5)