Pub quiz questions

  1. Film
    Monty Python and the Holy Grail

  2. Mr Men
    Mr Jelly/Mr Nervous

  3. Show
    The Littlest Hobo
    1963-1965, 1979-1985

  4. Who first sponsored the World Snooker Championship in 1976?

  5. TV Show/Character/Actor
    Gary Coleman, Diff'rent Strokes, Arnold Jackson
    NBC (1978–1985) ABC (1985–1986)

  6. What was the name of the tortoise in 'Fingerbobs?'
    14 February 1972 – 15 May 1972

  7. Character/Show
    Prisoner: Cell Block H, Joan Ferguson
    Not Vera Bennett (though they can look alike). 1979-1986

  8. Which town moved from Buckinghamshire to Berkshire in 1972?

  9. Character/Show
    Prisoner: Cell Block H, Bea Smith

  10. With which late seventies/early eighties band did Greg Ham, who died in 2012, play the saxophone, flute, organ, piano and synthesizer?
    Men at Work